Journalism that benefits your community

Reach Local

Reach Local

Journalism that benefits your community

REACH Local Magazine helps connect socially-minded readers with socially-minded businesses in Oxfordshire. Our platform is available in both digital and printed formats. REACH provides marketing opportunities for established businesses, an internship pathway for aspiring journalist students, and gives back to entrepreneurs from under-represented communities or who have been disadvantaged.

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REACH Local | Our Pledge

REACH Local commits to reinvesting profits from our magazine back into entrepreneurs who have been disadvantaged to be used on essential start-up business costs. We also provide a digital platform for these individuals to showcase their business and use as a showcase website until they can afford to set up their own. The entrepreneurs we support may have:

Excluded entrepreneur quote

Thank you for writing an article about my business. I must confess, I was in tears whilst reading it. You get 10/10 for evoking emotions.​

Businesses REACH Local Supports

REACH Local provides free marketing opportunities to excluded Oxfordshire business owners. These advertorials help promote their micro-business in the early stages of development. REACH is a product of PODTech and helps entrepreneurs who have been disadvantaged take their business online. REACH helps these individuals market their businesses to be financially resilient.