Top 3 Bubble Tea Cafés in Oxford 2022

For those who missed this Taiwanese trend; Bubble tea (also known as Boba Tea) blends your chosen milk, fruits, tea and juices to then be paired with glossy tapioca balls, some filled with fruity syrups, contributing a gummy-like texture. These highly addictive teas can be customised to personal preference: fruit teas, chocolate teas and even popping boba – a very flavour-packed and satisfying preference.

With Oxfordshire sweating in the summer heat – and all of us melting away with it – such a refreshing beverage cannot be missed by those exploring the city. Thankfully there are plenty of options to choose from!

We will be assessing the top three Boba tea cafés in Oxfordshire based off of four main factors (so you don’t have to):

  • Menu
  • Location
  • Customer service
  • Time efficiency

Lets get started!

bubble tea
Image credit: Frank Zhang


126 High Street

The overall atmosphere of this aesthetic and fun café was very enjoyable and on-trend. The drinks were extremely thirst quenching in the summer heat and (as all great boba should be) were fun to drink!


First things first, the amount of selection from the menu was certainly not lacking. Not only did they provide Bubble tea but also an array of ice creams and ‘bubble waffles.’ The tea menu alone also did not disappoint, ranging from milk teas, fruit teas, bubble fizz and specials such as ‘Banoffee pie,’ ‘Strawberries and cream’ and ‘Oreo crush.’ Each one is customisable and can be served hot or cold. But the menu was not the limit, the offer to create your own original flavour combination was encouraged – there are truly no boundaries in this cafe.


Bubbleology is based in the centre of Oxfordshire with eye-catching colours. The external and interior design is extremely fun and energetic, however the size does not offer much room for socialising or seating. This particular cafe could seat around four to six customers and the line often has to queue outside of the building – which is not entirely convenient for such a narrow pavement. This does make the cafe more of a take-away bar – but who doesn’t love a picnic.

Customer service

Unfortunately the line was due to the minimal employees: two servers, meaning around popular times the wait for your drink can take longer than preferable. However, due to the long wait they did offer larger sizes for the same price as regular, a very kind compromise on this occasion. The workers were very apologetic and welcoming.

Time efficiency

Once you have placed your order the staff are very quick to assemble your tea of choice and extremely helpful in ensuring you are comfortable whilst you wait, offering side chairs to watch the process.

Image by: Toa Heftiba


13 Turl Street
Oxford OX1 3DQ
United Kingdom

The overall experience was extremely enjoyable due to the workers and the taste was even better.


As the largest bubble tea operator in the UK, the expectations for the menu to be flawless is an understatement and with over 1,000 combinations, it did not fail. Not only does it offer Fruit teas and Milk teas but also Wave teas, Fresh teas and specials that included ‘Creme Brulee,’ ‘Strawberry Oreo’ and ‘Jasmine Yakult.’ The menu is extremely clear and the staff are flexible with any modifications you wish to make.


Similarly to Bubbleology, Mooboo is a small establishment with no seating, meaning if you’re after a sit down café for a catch up with your friends, this might not be the most ideal pace. However, there are many locations around the area for seating such as
benches and parks around Oxfordshire.

The interior aesthetic is minimalistic and uses a less colourful approach, creating a clean and chilled decorational approach. This is pleasant due to the location being in the centre of Oxford, which can be rather busy and main at times. This placement does ensure easy-access for customers.

Customer service

The staff although few, are extremely friendly and helpful, serving with smiles and a bubbly approach (no pun intended.)

Time efficiency

The overall waiting time was fast and efficient, with no queue and eager employees. It was a very impressive process to watch and even better to drink.

Image by Rosalind Chang

Coba Bubble Tea

9 Golden Cross Unit 9

Last but by no means least, this cute café is ideal for enjoying a sit down Boba tea with friends and family. With lovely staff, yummy tea and a peaceful street.


Although there is not as much selection, this cute café does still provide Bubble milk tea, fresh tea, bubble fruit juices, milkshakes and special teas including: ‘Mango green tea,’ ‘Peach black tea’ and ‘Lychee green tea.’


This cute establishment is covered in bright sticky notes with various customers names, encouraging messages and personalised drawings, offering a very welcoming atmosphere. Although small, there is inside and outdoor seating that overlooks a peaceful
street – perfect for a pause in life.

Customer Service

The staff are extremely helpful and offer great advice when it comes to deciding upon your tea combination – or if in doubt, get two! They worked at a standard pace and served with a smile.

Time efficiency
Although they weren’t the fastest out of the top three, they did provide a very yummy boba tea and were very accommodating, ensuring when there were no customers the café was clean and tables clear.

Image by Charles Deluvio

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and fuelled this summer- even if that’s through a lovely cup of bubble tea – it truly is the most refreshing and adaptable tea and is so fun to drink with it’s chewy tapioca boba pearls and milky texture!