An Insight Into Local Business ‘SkinBeautyOxford’ with Entrepreneur and Founder, Tess Masih

Local Beauty Treatments With a Unique Touch

Founded in 2020, SkinBeautyOxford is a vibrant local business that focuses on custom-made skin care and facials. Owner Tess Masih takes pride in using 100% organic products and creating treatments that are tailored to your needs and skin type. I spoke to Tess to find out more about herself, her drive, and her business. 

About Tess and SkinBeautyOxford

Photo by Tess Masih

Tess is a local Beauty Therapist and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping her clients to feel and look good. When meeting Tess, I was struck not only by her enthusiasm, but also her caring nature. Her face lit up when discussing treatments and her ways to ensure that clients have the best possible experience. 

“It was always a dream,” she says, when I ask about her career in the beauty industry. Tess talks of the societal influence she used to feel, that beauty therapy wasn’t an ‘important’ job, so for years her dream remained on the backburner as a hobby – a “second career”, as she succinctly describes it. However, after some business advice and inspiration from local organisations PODTech and Aspire, in 2020 Tess set up SkinBeautyOxford in under three weeks – an impressive turnaround. It’s clear to see how much joy it brings her.  

Photo by Skin Beauty Oxford

Personalised treatments

Tess loves to offer beauty advice and specialises in tailor-made treatments, no matter what your skin type, whether you have a skin condition, or simply want to maintain overall skin health. Tess offers clients a free initial consultation, during which she discusses your needs (including any conditions) and particular areas you wish to work on. She then carefully draws up an individualised treatment plan. “No two plans are the same,” she tells me – depending on the client, these could be one-off treatments or care over several weeks. 

Tess explains that an emphasis on individual needs and the value of client feedback is how she wanted her business to stand apart from other beauty salons. It’s clear that she is dedicated to her clients and for her, it’s the small things that matter. “That’s the side of it I love,” she enthuses, adding that just like her treatments, no two people are the same, so a personal touch is vital. Tess welcomes her clients by offering a glass of water alongside natural ‘eye soothers’* – such as organic cucumber or cooled organic chamomile bags – which remove heat from the delicate eye area to reduce puffiness. She paints a picture of a relaxed setting with you firmly at the centre. 

Image by Tess Masih
image by Tess Masih

100% organic products

Another key part of SkinBeautyOxford is the careful selection of products. Tess uses products by NeoLife, which are 100% organic and carry the ECOCERT seal and COSMOS guarantee. One of her reasons for choosing NeoLife is that the consumer knows the origin of each ingredient, a detail of great importance to Tess. 

I was keen to know which treatment at SkinBeautyOxford is Tess’ favourite, and she barely hesitates when answering, “The Nutriance Organic Facial. I love this because it involves a lot of massage,” she says, explaining that the entire face is massaged with particular focus on the lymph nodes. Now that busy lives are back for many of us, it sounds like an ideal chance to recharge. 

Contact and social media

If you have any enquiries or wish to make a booking, you can contact Tess at

Follow the salon on Instagram at skinbeautyoxford.

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Readers of REACH are treated to 30% off a Luxurious Pampering Facial worth £55 when quoting REACH magazine on booking. Enjoy! 

*The welcome ‘eye soothers’ are available to clients who did not already specifically book ‘eye soother’ treatments.

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