Pink Orange Designs: Website Design and Digital Branding in Oxfordshire

Need help reaching the right audience for your business? Website Design and Digital Branding is in no doubt KEY when it comes to attracting the right target audience for your brand, as well as to offer the desired and justified reputation its deserves! 

Sound daunting? Have no fear; Oxfordshire’s ‘Pink Orange Designs’ (POD,) not only helps to build your online business but teaches you as a fellow entrepreneur how to enhance and move forward with it – providing you with the skills to feel comfortable and confident to create limitless online businesses, suited to your personal preference!

So, without further ado, HERE is how to kick-start your business…

pink orange designs
Image by: Charles Deluvio

What is Pink Orange Designs and how will it help? 

Pink Orange Designs are an Oxfordshire based company that specialise in:

  • Company Branding
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • Product Design 
  • Print Media 

And targets ‘The Holy Trinity’ of Product Branding, including: Brand Voice, Product Branding and Digital Design! 

Brand voice

Brand voice focusses on the ‘Logo Design:’ essential in bringing your brand to life, ‘Target Audience:’ taking careful consideration of your customer base and ‘Message:’ that projects your brand’s image, whether that be professional, eco-friendly our playful. To simplify, this will allow you to give your business the representation and image that you’ve long been dreaming of!

Product Branding

Product Branding targets the ‘Continuity’ of your business: carrying your brand’s voice through, ‘Rebranding:’ refining your packaging to get the best from your design and ‘Eye Catching Packaging and Product shots:’ to grasp the attention of your curious customers. These three elements that POD are experts in will carry the introduction of your business, personalised to your preferences and vision – the sky is your limit!

Digital Design

And last but by no means least; Digital Design (the fun one!) This hones in on the ‘Marketing Images’ for your brand to showcase your story and what your product has to offer! And what better way to flaunt these than to promote them through ‘Social Media Posts:’ attracting a constant flow of new customers and promoting your services. Finally, POD specialises in creating your ‘Composite Images’ to provide you with mockups of your products designed before they go to print – there is no better feeling than smooth organisation that runs like clockwork. 

Feast Your Eyes! 

Having the ingredients to a recipe is all well and good, however now it is time to show-off the final results! These are some examples of Pink Orange Designs work to give you a taste of just a few of their successful products:

Web Design:

Image by: Pink Orange Designs

Product Design:

Image by: Pink Orange Designs

Print Media:

Image by: Pink Orange Designs

And yours could be next… With prices starting from just £99!

About the Creator: Simon Brooker 

Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands! With a passion for Digital Technology, Simon studied Fine Art, sharpening his methods and success rate with design and product effectiveness – this man will essentially be your guardian angel through what would have otherwise been a stressful and unknown process! To gather inspiration, Simon has a book filled with images of packages and labels that he can draw ideas and new projects from.

Image by: Simon Brooker

With up to six years of website building under his belt, he chose to set POD apart from other businesses by choosing a customer service-driven work ethic. Need to make a small change to your already finished website but can’t afford to hire another web designer? POD prioritises not only customer satisfaction but their training and assisting them to grow used to the platform, meaning that you, yes, YOU will have the confidence and knowledge to make any future changes YOURSELF (we love an independent moment!) 

Simon’s favoured weapon of choice for Web Design is WordPress for its limitless opportunities and cheaper aspect for clients. With this, he manipulates the structure and layout for your designs to increase conversion and SEO – basically meaning he will help you to rank your website higher and more effectively!

Read more about Simon in his interview here.

Advice for starting your entrepreneur journey 

After a brief interview with Simon, his key area of advice is to “adapt to an outside-in approach;” to base decisions on what your customers want or need, as opposed to what you THINK they need. This highlights the importance of Market Research for your Brand Image, which POD can help you with!

The last piece of advice for the who have a talent in procrastinating, is to “start as small and as cheaply as possible” to analyse what is working and not working for your product. The key word in there is to “START,” so good luck to our fellow entrepreneurs! You now know where to find help and guidance… 

Image by: John Schnobrich

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See you and your Business soon…