Oxfordshire’s Top 5 Activities for Summer 2022

Some thrive in the humid and unpredictable weather that is England’s summer, whilst others compare the heat to feeling like hot wax, dripping down into the depths of cloying and inescapable despair. Needless to say, without summer activities to distract those who struggle in the heat, summer would otherwise be classed as the worst time of year. 

So, without further ado here are some of Oxfordshire’s best summer activities to delve and distract yourself with.

1) Sail-ebrate good times!

Oxfordshire’s river, as well as providing punting and peddling boats, also offers classic and classy boat rides. Cruising along the river with the sun sparkling off the water and fellow pedestrians waving from the country sidewalks, this is truly a personal favourite pleasure.

Salt Streamers provide multiple services outside of The Folley Bridge – an extremely scenic food venue with tables on the pontoon overlooking the anticipation of tourists attempting to board the boat without falling overboard. Enjoy afternoon tea to complete the ‘I’m not in England, I am abroad’ illusion!

Image by Franco Alani

2) Rooftop bus tour 

What better way to sunbathe than to be multitasking on top of an open roof bus tour, peeping over private walls and nosying into people’s back gardens? Oxfordshires rooftop bus tour not only provides you with the history of the city but all the dights of the aesthetic architecture it’s so famously known for! This one hour experience can be funded from £16.50 and could be a prime time for you to relax and enjoy your food and drink with an ever-changing view. 

Have a fear of being travel sick? No need to worry! The bus has regular stops that enable you to hop on and off the vehicle to take a quick break. Besides, having the soft breeze on your face as opposed to being in the belly of the bus is a far more enjoyable and luxurious experience.

Image by Evgeny Klimenchenko

3) Punting 

One of Oxfordshires most classic and enjoyable experiences, providing you don’t fall in! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this form of transport, you are essentially pushed along the river by a long stick in a long boat (it is far more luxurious than that summary gives credit!) To be so near the waters surface with the hot sun reflecting onto the punts passengers, the soft sounds of the river lapping against land and the gentle hum of waterside creatures and habitats paddling against the ripples – it is true sensual paradise. That is of course, given that you maintain your balance and agility!

The Magdalen Bridge Boathouse offers a chauffeur to punt you and your group around or – if you dare to challenge your muscle – you can push yourself! Either way, it may be a wise idea to bring a spare change of clothes in case your balance fails you…

Image by Toa Heftiba

4) Golf 

What better way to celebrate England’s recent hot weather than to hit tiny spheres with a stick? In all seriousness however, this sport provides amazing social time with your group and class entertainment within the heat! Providing scenic views and enhancing your skill at golf does pose as a very productive and competitive pass-time. 

The Oxfordshire Golf, Hotel and Spa supplies the country views and opportunity to make the most of the sun! However, if you are rushing around Oxfordshire in search of some from of shade and comfort from the heat, Junkyard Golf offers a more party-like and most importantly; indoor activity! This is how to take a break from the stifling sun whilst prioritising sharpening your competitive skills.

Image by Splash Pic

5) Walking tours 

Interestingly, you’ll find that students are put in charge of entertaining you with the rich history of the city – giving a range of tours such as: the Harry Potter Tour of Oxford and an Oxford bike tour (bikes included) with Footprint Tours. Being guided around Oxfordshire’s key sights and architectural history relieves you from having to check google maps every five minutes and arguing with your group as to whether you were meant to turn left five minutes ago or in five minutes time – we’ve all been there. 

Not only this touring company provide such high quality services however; Oxford History Tours focusses on the literary, history and architectural background of the city! Visiting from abroad? This tour is for you, providing tours also in French as well as English – Oo-lala!

Image by Sidharth Bhatia

So! Good luck on your adventures with this Oxfordshire summer survival guide and enjoy each activity either with your own company or a group of your friends and family! And remember, stay hydrated and bring suncream!