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The Transforming Power of a Personal Trainer

Meena Kartara
MK FitGoals

In recent years everyone from experts to influencers have been touting the benefits of physical fitness for mental wellbeing.

Meena Kartara is one such fitness fanatic who is especially passionate about the uplifting effects of exercise. She is an entrepreneur who is in the final stages of setting up as a private PT (personal trainer).

MK FitGoals - Boxing Coach & Personal Trainer

Meena has recently gained certification as a boxing coach, has become a level-2 certified nutritionist, and is in talks with a local boxing club about a coaching role. She also has experience as a PT from her local gyms.

In 2015 Meena rediscovered fitness, and her life began to rapidly transform. She wasn’t a complete novice – her late partner was a kickboxing instructor (perhaps this explains her aptitude for boxing!). 

Meena has worked as a PT in FeelFit gym, where she discovered her love of leading classes and working with clients to achieve their fitness goals. Since then, she has gone on to found her own personal trainer business – MK FitGoals.