Memory Lane Oxford Business Profile

Singing and Joy to Care Home Residents

Jenny Sharp
Memory Lane Oxford

Memory Lane Oxford

Over Christmas 2020 there was a slightly unusual sight at Oaken Holt Nursing and Residential Home in Farmoor. Walking into the dining area you could see a glass screen, a piano and a mic. Something was afoot. 

With the help of the Activities Coordinator, Jenny made use of her singing talent to organise singing sessions for the residents, bringing much joy during this difficult time. After starting out acapella, once restrictions eased her Dad was able to safely join to accompany on piano – hence the glass screen.

Fast forward to 2022 and Jenny has expanded her wonderful work into Memory Lane Oxford, an up-and-coming business that will bring singing into local care homes. Whilst all residents are welcome, her ambition is to create an engaging and enjoyable activity for dementia sufferers.  

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