Meet José: No.1 Spanish ICT Expert and Founder of TutorLingua

Courtesy J. Sanchez

Meet José

José Sanchez is a dedicated and experienced teacher who hails from Madrid, Spain and came to England 11 years ago. His passion for teaching led him to found the Tutor Lingua project,  and he now offers a comprehensive range of tailored tutoring services.

José, founder of Tutorlingua
Courtesy J. Sanchez

Maths, Spanish and ICT Teaching

José offers both online and in-person tutoring, and is flexible to student needs and preferences whether that be by working 1:1 or participating in small group sessions.

Jose offers the following subjects:

ICT: Computer Literacy, Programming (C, C++, Python), Web Developing, Linux

Maths: exam preparation (GCSE, A-Level)

Spanish: conversation, exam preparation (GCSE, A-Level), Spanish for business, Spanish for holidays


José’s Teaching Motivation

José has a range of qualifications. He has completed an MEng in Computer Science and a PGCE in Secondary Education and has experience working as a System and Software Engineer in Spain for 6 years. He discovered his passion for teaching when training colleagues and customers – a skill he now puts to use to deliver inspiring, communicative, interactive and fun lessons to allow students to enjoy the learning process and progress rapidly towards their learning goals.

In his teaching he is proud to have helped out learners from a diverse range of backgrounds. He has helped students with a refugee background to develop the skills and confidence to integrate themselves in the community, as well as undergraduates – some of which have secured jobs in the IT industry or in various field of academia.

José has also taught group courses. These have ranged from giving adults in Community Centres positivity, motivation and improved wellbeing to high-level international students who enjoyed inspiring challenging tutorials. He has also run an authoritative academic Oxbridge summer school programme that enabled the participants to pursue a career in IT.


José’s Background

He says of the decision to move to England:

I set myself the challenge of moving to England. I took the jump 11 years ago. Living abroad has been a personal life-changing experience for me. I wanted to immerse myself in a new culture and experience the British countryside, in contrast to my big city, Madrid. I also wanted to improve my English.

I moved to the UK on my own – I didn’t know anybody then and I started working as a private IT tutor and as a volunteer ICT teacher helping vulnerable adults. I love to talk to others, meet new people and I have an open mind. I even met my partner in the process so I must confess England acted more and more as a magnet for me, so here I am still!

José says that one of his favourite hobbies is hiking, because he loves spending time in nature and discovering new places. He has enjoyed hiking in the Peak District, the Lake District, rural Oxfordshire in England and Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Courtesy Pexels from Pixabay

José also likes travelling and he enjoys visiting his family and friends in Spain. He goes back to Spain at least once a year,  and always looks forward to catching up with his circle. He likes swimming in his free time, because it helps him unwind and relax, and also boosts his energy levels.

He enjoys participating in volunteer activities especially those linked with teaching and IT. His favourite music is Spanish and English rock of the 80s and 90s, but what he really enjoys is attending a live concert, even if it is classical music or jazz. He is not very keen on video gaming but sometimes he meets up online with his Spanish friends and they play retro games, mostly games from their time. 🙂

Contact José

For questions and bookings feel free to contact him. He will always be happy to hear from you. José has a  website at  or you can send him an email at Alternatively you can follow him on Twitter at