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EWE Talk

EWE Talk is a new unique and innovative company that provides mobile companionship to individuals, using sheep. EWE Talk’s enthusiastic and caring team work to break down barriers with compassion, in a safe and empathic environment… We provide holistic support taking into consideration a person’s unique mental health experience, as well as offer calming opportunities for those seeking solace and comfort. 

By providing a friendship-like environment, EWE Talk offers a ‘different’ type of support from traditional mental health services, focusing on building relationships with clients and creating unique experiences that are both enjoyable and beneficial for supporting wellbeing.

We have the potential to revolutionise how people think about supporting mental health during the growing mental health epidemic.

EWE Talk encourages mindful activities such as walking, grooming, feeding and cuddling but most importantly provides a safe space for calming conversations. This allows individuals a unique experience and provides gentle support to improve their mental well-being. EWE Talk is creating something new and diverse so that we can move forward in supporting our community. 

Emma & Pipa Ewe Talk

What we can offer ewe:

One of the best things about EWE Talk is its versatility. Every person who meets our girls has a completely unique experience. When you book our EWE Talk ewe mobile, we load up 2 of our lovely girls and drive to find you. Whether it’s a personal one-to-one experience or a charity looking to support its clients in a completely unique way, we can be there. 

Sheep are incredibly special animals; we are exploring how they work in different ways and showing you what benefits they can have on your health. They are the size of a dog and react like dogs, especially if you are holding a hobnob!  In addition, they carry a minimal risk for injury and allergies. Not only that, research shows that sheep have individual personalities (something we see daily, they are social mammals and sensitive to a variety of different emotions. All in all, a moment of time just ‘being’ with them can teach you more than you could ever imagine. 

Please continue to read to see some of the people we can help and how. The most important thing is that you control the process of your experience and what you gain from it. 


An encounter not experienced anywhere else in the country. WE CAN VISIT YOU AT HOME!! A simple booking process means we can visit individuals at home with a pair of our girls. Whether it’s someone feeling isolated or lonely, suffering from terminal illness, reduced mobility or with additional needs, memories can be made which are second to none. This can be booked by yourself or a loved one as a gift.


Whether you’re wanting support for individuals or a fun group session we can work with you to make this a special experience. We can help so much with developing transferable skills, building self-confidence and worth. A safe moment with a non-judgemental and empathic team. We are versatile and can find ways to work within any charity. Here at EWE Talk we are particularly passionate in areas where there is so little support…. SEN, homelessness, addiction recovery, loneliness and isolation.

Two women with sheep

If a member of your staff would like the girls to join one of their sessions, we can arrange a visit. If you would like to know more, please contact us and we can discuss how this can work.

“EWE Talk is an exciting and unique project that will connect and support a wide range of clients suffering from mental health, addiction and social isolation to ‘get up and personal’ with a sheep. The power of animal therapy should not be underestimated in what it can bring to change people’s lives and aid recovery” Caroline Winn, Senior employment development worker, Aspire


Mental health in the workplace is at an all-time low, whether you offer wellness days, mental health support or personal sessions to support your staff we can work for you or with you. The girls release feel good hormones, a smile, a laugh…. What a cool experience hey…? It could also be a great way to involve those who feel traditional support isn’t for them. 

There is also the opportunity for you to give something special to your community. This can be done by you purchasing and donating some individual sessions so we can access those most in need in your community. Not only can this help to advertise your business but also show your caring nature in supporting those who are around you. BRING A SMILE TO SOMEONE’S FACE, someone needs it, most importantly some of the most vulnerable people in our society. 

What better incentive to get involved. We can all make a difference!!! @ewetalk join the movement.