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Emma Doupe
Evolving Musicians

Evolving Musicians Limited

A small company offering a unique, personalised approach to music tuition. Emma is primarily a vocalist, but she also plays the piano, autoharp, and a collection of digital instruments. Through this musical knowledge, Emma facilitates musical coaching in vocal studies, as well as musicianship and musical theory around performance and instrumentation. Evolving Musicians aims to help people find their voice, no matter how that manifests itself.

Operating from Swindon, Emma tailors the musical tuition to the wants and needs of the people seeking musical guidance.

Evolving Musicians – Services Offered

One-To-One Lessons

  • Serious Musical Pathway Lessons
    Tailored to the level and expectations of the individual, focusing on voice and setting goals for vocal growth.
  • Casual Musical Experience Lessons
    These sessions are usually planned and booked in blocks to roadmap their music journey.
  • Ad-Hoc/Session Work
    Coaching for a specific project or goal focuses i.e. Musical Auditions, Grade Exams, and Performance Evaluations.
  • Musical Pathway Coaching
    These sessions are mentorship based, to help make informed decisions based on the needs of the individual’s professional career.
  • Performance Coaching
    Designed to polish performance skills. Essentially they offer a testing ground to perform in before having a proper audience.

A one-to-one session starts at £45, and group sessions are around £20 per person. From there, prices would be dependent on the services required.

Emma Performing

Group Sessions

One-off musical experiences or blocks of time for group sessions are available for musicians of all levels. Based on the needs of the clients and the surrounding communities, and posted online for interested persons to book.

These sessions are a great opportunity for any individual exploring music to practise and to share in a safe and inclusive setting which will offer essential confidence building for a future in musical sharing. These sessions will be classified so that clients can sign up for sessions that would be appropriate for their needs. 

Community Sessions

Musical groups that meet on a more regular basis. These sessions will be booked with the assistance of a community charity or organisation (such as Age UK, local Councils etc.) in order to help build an even stronger musical community for all involved.

Corporate Sessions

Sessions are aimed at Companies and Corporate Groups who are looking for an alternative way to work on Team Building within their organisation.

These sessions focus on helping the group share the true essence of their voices, teaching the individuals new and insightful ways to make more meaningful connections in their everyday lives. 

Evolving Musicians Network

This comprises online sessions that can be used as a community support network, for clients and all connected to Evolving Musicians Limited. In these regular sessions, people can sign up to “share” their musical project with the group in order to get constructive feedback, or potentially find others to work with.

As this is an online platform that meets regularly, people attending these sessions do not need to be partaking in regular lessons and may choose to book a particular coaching session based on what comes from the online group session.