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Evolving Musicians Limited
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Emma Doupé is the founder and director of Evolving Musicians Limited (EML), a small company offering a unique, personalised approach to music tuition. Emma is primarily a vocalist, but she also plays the piano, autoharp, and a collection of digital instruments. Through this musical knowledge, Emma facilitates musical coaching in vocal studies, as well as musicianship and musical theory around performance and instrumentation. Evolving Musicians aims to help people find their voice, no matter how that manifests itself.

Operating from Swindon, Emma tailors the musical tuition to the wants and needs of the people seeking musical guidance.

EML serves Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, having previously operated from Bicester. Since the global pandemic, EML has become mobile, in order to provide musical tuition and facilitation to more people – in both in-person and online sessions.

EML introduces accessible technology into musical lessons, offering mentoring in how to share and connect all musical projects being worked on, so that these individuals can connect to the musical world community of today. Emma strives to make sure that all digital work is accessible to any and all students, regardless of background or circumstances.

Evolving Musicians – Services Offered

One-To-One Lessons

Serious Musical Pathway Lessons

These sessions are for those seeking further advancement in the musical world. They are tailored to the level and expectations of the individual, starting by getting to know the voice. Emma and the student then work together to understand goals and make a plan to help the growth of the individual.

Casual Musical Experience Lessons

These sessions are aimed at individuals looking to get to know, or to improve their musical abilities. These are people who might not be pursuing a career in music, but are using lessons and their connection to music to help assist with confidence and enjoyment in everyday life. These sessions are usually planned and booked in blocks, so that the client can feel as though they are completing steps along their journey.

Ad-Hoc/Session Work

These sessions are aimed towards individuals who need coaching for a specific project or goal. They are focused around that particular project, to help with technical aspects, and to help the client feel comfortable with the music they are working on (Musical Auditions, Grade Exams, Performance Evaluations).

Musical Pathway Coaching

Sessions to help individuals to learn where to focus their efforts in their journey in music. These sessions are conversation based, to help discuss options and make informed decisions based around the needs of the individual.

Performance Coaching

These sessions are designed to help individuals or groups looking to polish their performance skills. Essentially they offer a testing ground to perform in before having a proper audience. These sessions are booked around the times where they are needed and may have additional location and equipment hire costs, depending on the individual’s performance needs.

Group Sessions

These sessions can either be a one-off musical experience, or blocks of time for group sessions. They will be based on the needs of the clients of Evolving Musicians Limited and the surrounding communities, so will be posted online for interested persons to book.

These sessions are a great opportunity for any individual exploring music to practise and to share in a safe and inclusive setting which will offer essential confidence building for a future in musical sharing. These sessions will be classified so that clients can sign up for sessions that would be appropriate for their needs. There will be group sessions available for musicians of all levels.

Community Sessions

Evolving Musicians Limited strives to connect within the surrounding communities, to help different groups of people access the joys of music. Community Organisations and Groups have started musical groups that meet on a more regular basis. These sessions will be booked with the assistance of a community charity or organisation (such as Age UK, local Councils etc.). 

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They will be managed and booked through the appropriate organisation. These sessions and connections will be made available, where possible, to current clients of Evolving Musicians Limited, in order to help build an even stronger musical community for all involved.

Corporate Sessions

Sessions aimed at Companies and Corporate Groups who are looking for an alternative way to work on Team Building within their organisation. 

These sessions are formed around the needs of the group – mainly focusing on helping the group to share the true essence of their voices – no matter how that comes out, and teaching the individuals new and insightful ways to make more meaningful connections in their everyday lives, with themselves and others around them – not just in music. These sessions can provide factual information about personal and group benefits of engaging in music.

Evolving Musicians Network

This comprises online sessions that can be used as a community support network, for clients and all connected to Evolving Musicians Limited. In these regular sessions, people can sign up to “share” their musical project with the group in order to get constructive feedback, or potentially find others to work with.

As this is an online platform that meets regularly, people attending these sessions do not need to be partaking in regular lessons, and may choose to book in for a particular coaching session based on what comes from the online group session.


A one-to-one session starts at £45, and group sessions are around £20 per person. From there, prices would be dependent on the services required.

Emma Doupé, Founder of Evolving Musicians Limited

Courtesy E. Doupe

Emma was born and raised in Idaho, in the Northwest of the United States. Music has always been an integral part of Emma’s life, through listening, performing and learning. During her teens, Emma decided that a career in music was her true calling. She decided to pursue a more traditional approach to learning the foundations of music while she decided which area of music that she truly wanted to focus on. She attended university at Idaho State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music, focusing in Classical Performance.

After earning her degree, Emma decided that she needed to relocate to pursue a career in musical performance, and so decided to move to the UK. The areas in which Emma has lived here in the UK have given her access to many more musical opportunities both here and in Europe.

Once here, while pursuing work in vocal performing, Emma decided that she wanted to expand her relationship with music, and decided to start teaching vocal and piano lessons. She was hired by a private music school, where she would teach lessons to school aged students during the day, and the evenings were reserved for private lessons at the local studios.

It is during this time that Emma found a deeper love and appreciation for music and what it can hold for the people in our communities.

Emma decided to build her own vocal and music studio, out of her home, to help access a more diverse range of clientele, who were searching for a new inner voice. In this time, she developed a strong ability to help individuals and groups learn to access their innermost sounds and passions, through expression in music. She was able to tailor lessons to the specific needs of the people coming into the studio, to help them to achieve more than their visions had been able to see when they first arrived.

In developing Evolve Vocal Studio, Emma was able to help develop more in the musical community around Oxfordshire, assisting in many group community projects, to help reach even more people – to help those who might not normally be able to access music, or cultural experiences in these communities.

The pandemic greatly affected Evolve Vocal Studio, and at the beginning of 2022, Emma decided to regroup and become an official limited company (Evolving Musicians Limited) in order to continue to reach individuals, but with the ability to expand, become mobile, branch out to be able to offer the absolute best in musical tuition and expression.

Beyond Evolving Musicians

Emma’s entire life revolves around music. Outside of Evolving Musicians, Emma’s main focus in life is the performing and sharing of music with others. On weekends she can often be found out gigging, either as a solo artist, or with her covers band, Legends Rise. She enjoys performing in any and all types of venues, from small, intimate open mic nights, to town festivals.

Emma feels that it is imperative for her clients to be able to see all of the viable musical pathways, so she uses her experiences as examples and potential opportunities for students, and people who are a part of the Evolving Musicians Network.

Evolving Musicians as a Facilitator

What Emma does on a daily basis is so much more than just teaching another person or group how to make sounds – but the act of facilitating a safe space for those people to make and explore those sounds, the feelings that they invoke, and what those people would like to do with those sounds. Emma truly feels that connection through an individual’s relationship to music can help to bridge any gaps between individuals, and help them learn to come together for something wonderful, such as music.

Evolving Musicians Limited is the musical child of Emma Doupé, and is a place for people to come and learn how to evolve on a holistic level, through an appreciation and acceptance of what our bodies are capable of through music.

She says about her work with music:

“Really, I’m just excited about music. I never planned on being a teacher, I never would have thought I would be doing this, but it was honestly just through making connections with people and hearing what their relationship with music was, I was like, ‘I want to help people do this…’

What you’ve done in your life, where you come from, how much money you’ve made, none of that matters when you’re making music. The only thing that matters when you’re making music is what’s here right now, what do you have right now, in this space…? “

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Emma is very passionate about helping people develop their relationship with music. She is motivated by witnessing people learn to be vulnerable in learning something new, something that works directly with their emotions. She loves watching people learn to open up in a new way. The main motivation behind Emma’s work and the work of Evolving Musicians Limited is to help people become a part of something bigger than themselves, in music and their connection to it.

Evolving Musicians Contact Details

If you are interested in finding your voice, or a deeper connection to music, please contact Emma Doupé either through the EML website, or via phone.

Website: evolvingmusicians.co.uk (currently under construction but has a contact form)

Phone/Whatsapp: 07361 806709

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