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Greetings Cards and Lanuage Therapy

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Blewbury Crafts

Blewbury Crafts

In 2021, Hazel set up Blewbury Crafts, selling her high-quality, handmade greetings cards; but the business is much more than the crafts themselves.

As a qualified Speech and Language Therapist based in Oxfordshire, Hazel supports those affected by Strokes, Autism, and other conditions to communicate, and has worked in various environments such as the NHS and schools. 

Indeed, Blewbury Crafts is much more than a craft business.

Blewbury Crafts

From crafts to communication

Through her profession, she has combined Speech and Language Therapy with crafts, explaining that engagement with art alongside self-expression in a practical situation brings out another side to her patients. It fuels her motivation to teach craft-making to others: “I would love to start offering Speech and Language Therapy but using practical and creative ways to achieve this,” she says with energy, adding that there is also the wellbeing benefit from mindfulness and the reward from gifting your craft to a loved one. 

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